maandag 12 maart 2012

give away - ik geef weg

Because there are almost 40 members I want to celebrate this with a little give away                                             

5 meters of this ribbon (very old)


                                                            3 meters of this ribbon (also old)

                                            And a little surprise for both winners
                                            I would be fine if you tell about this on your blog (but you don't have to)

                                            One of my animals will pick out 2 persons when I have 40 or more members

4 opmerkingen:

  1. What lovely vintage ribbons! I just saw your beautiful stitched picture on Claudia's blog, and found you here. I'm excited to keep up with your little creations! <3

  2. Ik heb me net als volger nr. 40 aangemeld :) en waag dus een kansje. Fijne lentedag vandaag!